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Headed to Austin for SXSW? We want to buy you brunch. Take a break from playing music and learn how to get paid for it! Sip the best bloody mary’s in Austin and shake hands with the music heads from MTV, CMT, VH1 and Topspin.

OPEN TO ALL ARTISTS! First come, first served!

When: Wednesday, March 13 from 11:00am - 2:00pm
Where: Rio Rita, 1308 East 6th St

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Wanna meet up? Connect with the team on the ground in Austin via Twitter and we’ll hang. Be the first person on the street to say “Hi!” to each of the Topspin staff (see who will be there) and you’ll get a Topspin T-shirt and a $500 comp card good for a free year of Topspin Plus!

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Artist of the Day: The R5 Family

On February 19th R5 released their newest EP, titled LOUD, after coming off the heels of an extensive winter tour. This is definitely a young and rising band you want to keep your eye on. Listen to the single from the EP below.

From right to left: Ratliff, Ross, Rydel, Riker, Rocky

The band - 4 siblings and their best friend - has been on a tear ever since Ross Lynch landed the lead spot in the show “Austin & Ally.” And after all the work the band has put in to make their fans happy, it is well deserved. 

Happy may be an understatement. R5 fans LOVE the band and are very vocal about it too. During the winter tour R5 offered their fans special VIP experiences directly from VIP fans got in early, had an opportunity to meet the band personally, and were treated to an exclusive sound check party. Their fans loved this so much that even we at Topspin received some of the band’s fan mail.


Those who made it out to the show had an opportunity to pre-order the LOUD EP by purchasing a laminate. Each laminate had a unique code which fans would use to download the EP. Not only was this a great way to give fans something tangible for pre-ording the EP, these purchases were also reportable to Soundscan (via Topspin’s redemption codes).

This young band is demonstrating how modern acts will connect with their fans. From offering exclusive opportunities like R5 memberships and VIP experiences, to simply being in conversation on Twitter, R5 can truly call their fans part of the #r5family.

by @nic_hsc
Purchase the LOUD EP

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Artist of the Day: Fans Overcome Barbed Wire, Walls, And Rough Terrain To See Sigur Rós

A happy New Years to you! We hope that the start of your 2013 has been well. For your enjoyment this new year, here is a fun story about a Sigur Rós fan.


Sigur Rós fan club ticket sales went live at 10 am on November 14th and in a few hours all of the tickets had sold out. The band continues to be hugely popular around the world and tickets are highly sought after. Sigur Rós used Topspin ticketing and fan memberships to give fans the special opportunity to purchase tickets ahead of public sales. Fans took full advantage of this and tickets sold out almost immediately.

When bands offer an incredibly compelling product, fans will go immense lengths to obtain it. For some, seeing the band live is even worth taking some legal and personal risks. 

Disclaimer: we do not condone trespassing and sneaking into shows. The following story is simply meant to illustrate the lengths that fans will go to for the sake of their favorite band. 

On the night August 12th Vanessa and her friend were walking around the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. In usual Sigur Rós fashion the show was sold out, so the two were there to watch a meteor shower and listen to the show from the outside. The concert had started and they were strolling along when Vanessa met a friend with some people she didn’t know. While she was (at the time) content with hearing the show from the outside these people were intent on getting in and were circling the venue, searching for a way to penetrate security. Deciding to tag along, the company veered into a small alley.


A tall red brick wall covered with vines was the only thing between them and Sigur Rós. That, and a spiraling coil of barbed wire resting atop the wall, whose vicious hooks dared to punish any delinquent who would chose to cross it. Clearing the wall would mean a once in a lifetime experience, but the consequences could be…painful.

“I kept second guessing myself,” Vanessa said. “Seeing Sigur Rós live was my number one thing to do. Then this heavyset guy was walking by and talking to himself and my friend was freaking out. I decided I was not going to let this weirdo stop me from going to the show.”

She scaled the wall with the help of a stranger and adrenaline. One of her arms got snagged in the hooks. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins while blood was pumping out of them, but she didn’t feel a thing. Freeing herself from the metal, she threw her left leg over the wall but subsequently entangled her right.

“I remember trying to get to the other side as fast as possible. I think I fell. I don’t know.”


On the other side of the wall they ran, through the trees and tombstones. Flashlights and guards were everywhere, invoking a chase scene similar to the one in the “Sound of Music.” Coincidently, it was the sound of music that had drawn them into the predicament. 

Vanessa described the concert as a hazy, almost ethereal experience, probably due to the effect of the music and substantial blood loss. But the music calmed her. It mesmerized her. It allowed her forget the pain she should have felt. Music of Sigur Rós and a dream finally coming true drowned out every other emotion. This experience was 100% worth the trouble she had endured to get there. Her dedication had paid off.

These days artists are depending on their super fans more and more as traditional consumer music sales decrease. The relationships between dedicated fans and the artists they support now play an increasingly important role in artists’ careers. Artists who can capitalize on the dedication and influence of fans like Vanessa will be incredibly successful. 

Click here for Sigur Rós Tickets


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Labs: “Bleach” - An HTML Email For Media Widget

Topspin Creative Services just launched a new labs tool called “Bleach,” which is an HTML Email For Media Widget.

What you need:
1) A Topspin account
2) An Email For Media widget already created
3) An image for the widget that contains a call to action (i.e. “Click Here To Download”)

The tool provides an iFrame for you to embed on your site: Bleach

Fans click on the widget, enter their email and are then prompted to share: Bleach

It also comes with a Download Anywhere set up so your fans can download from any page on the web you want: Bleach

Here it is in action:



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Artist of the Day: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Deluxe Offer

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo book by Stieg Larsson has sold millions of copies around the world and is one of the biggest selling books of the last decade. The film released in December 2011 marks the second collaboration with director David Fincher and the team of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. To coincide with the film release, a beautiful deluxe offer, pictured below, was developed and will be ready to ship the week of April 27. We wanted to take a moment to highlight how impressive this product is. The artwork was a collaboration between long-time NIN art director Rob Sheridan and amazing movie poster designer Neil Kellerhouse.

DELUXE deluxe03

  • Choice of Apple Lossless, FLAC or 320 kbps MP3
  • The full album on six pieces of 180 gram vinyl
  • Deluxe book package in an acrylic “ice” slip cover
  • Exclusive custom 8gb metal razor blade USB pendant, inspired by Lisbeth’s razor blade necklace
  • USB drive contains the full album in high-fidelity 96k audio
  • Fold-out poster by Neil Kellerhouse
  • Numbered limited edition of 3000
  • Personally signed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  • Ships the week of April 27th
deluxe01 deluxe02

The centerpiece is the razor blade USB necklace, inspired by what Lisbeth wears in the book. The necklace is an 8GB USB including the full album in 96k audio. Topspin’s Creative Services team worked closely with Null Corporation to produce the online campaign. Additional offers include lossless digital, high-quality MP3, and CD format containing:

  • The full album on three CDs
  • eight panel digipak with custom “ice” slipcase,
  • six panel insert includes digital version
  • delivered in 320 kbps MP3 immediately

Topspin features: Email for Media; YouTube E4M; Pre-order; Download Anywhere; Store

Installed by: Topspin Creative Services

Get Topspin:

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Sharealytics Part II — Measuring Social in $$ and Fans

In addition to all the excitement and furious prep for SXSW, we ‘re stoked to announce the release of Topspin “Sharealytics,” Part II. We’ve been working with our pals at the social analytics company on giving artists the ability to track the spread of their marketing widgets across Facebook and Twitter, revealing the amount of traffic, signups and sales driven by fans who share your content online.

The new, “Part II” features in Topspin’s “Sharealytics” capture the action of fan sharing and then track the number plays, signups and sales that result from those fan shares of artist content on Facebook and Twitter. Soon, Shareayltics “Part III” will reveal sales conversion data for direct e-mail marketing from the Topspin platform.

An example of the data artists have access to thanks to Sharealytics comes from the band Dead Can Dance, who for several months have been running a fan acquisition campaign for their just-announced 2012 World Tour.

“Sharealytics gives us easy access to crucial sharing data, allowing us to review and tweak our campaign accordingly, in real time,” said Owain Kelly of UK marketing agency Fanfare Media. “As a result of this information, our first ‘Live Happenings’ campaign saw each share bring more than seven new fans back to the site, meaning a lot of additional traffic, and a lot of new fans.”

“Sharealytics” was created as a research and development project inside the Topspin Creative Services team. Parker, Nicole and Chris have been running prototype version of the feature for awhile, and have seen sharing from Topspin widgets into Facebook and Twitter drive an additional 10 percent of the total traffic to artist campaigns.

Here’s an overview of how to use Sharealytics:

First, make sure you have a Topspin account. Then, just publish streaming players, email-for-media widgets (give your email, get a free download) and purchase offers, and encourage your fans to share them into Facebook and Twitter. On the details page for each widget, you’ll notice the Sharealytics graph, which shows the following metrics (displayed on separate lines for Facebook & Twitter):

Shares: The total number of times fans shared the widget, per day
Clicks: The total number of clicks to your offer (streaming player widgets and purchase buttons) or email submissions (email-for-media widget), per day
Clicks-Per-Share: Daily clicks divided by daily shares. Stated plainly, this metric show you how many additional clicks you get on your offer when fans share it out to their friends online. We’ve already seen clicks-per-share numbers as high as 5.99 8.62 on E4M campaigns in Facebook, so it’s clear social sharing works, and results in more fans on your mailing list and more eyeballs on your offers.
Plays: The total of number of plays of your songs and videos driven by fan sharing. If you post a player on your site, and I share it to Facebook, and my brother Carl then plays the song as a result of my share, that’s a “play driven by sharing.”
Signups: The total number of email list signups driven by fan sharing. This is fans making more fans.
Sales: The total number of sales ($) driven by fan sharing. Your fans are your best marketers. Now you can see the sales they create.

Coming soon, we’ll be showing you the real sales dollars created when you send an email to your fans… and then the sales created from a single Tweet or Facebook post. Sharealytics Part III is also very, very cool.

It’s about time artists had real data about the effectiveness of Facebook and Twitter with regard to their online businesses. And it’s time we all as marketers start measuring social campaigns in dollars and fans. No more guessing, no more vanity metrics. Introducing “Sharealytics” — let’s get started!

Thumbs up for rock-‘n’-roll,
-bob @bobmoz

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