Free Music Tuesday: Young Money

Lil Wayne’s Young Money is giving away the track “Bitches Love Me (ft. Drake, Future)” in exchange for email addresses using a Topspin Email for Media widget and the Labs Bleach tool. See the widget below, and visit to see it in context. 

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SXSW + Topspin: Panel Voting Part 4 - Ian’s views on Games, Mobile + Discovery in Music

Curious what Ian Rogers thinks about music relating to games, mobile and discovery? Here’s your chance to vote his panels into the 2013 SXSW Conference. Read all the options below. 

Title: The Music Games: A New Chapter for Artists & Fans

Description: Fantasy sports engage 50 million global players 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These players don’t merely watch sports; they examine stats, track new talent, follow multiple games and thus relate to their favorite sport in a more meaningful way. Fantasy sports brought about a massive shift in the fan experience by creating an active, rather than passive, form of participation. In this panel, five industry experts will discuss how and why music makes traditional game play more fun, and how and why games make the discovery and sharing of music more fun.


Organizer: Marc Ruxin TastemakerX

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Title: Enhancing the Mobile Music Experience

Description: Two of the great side-effects of the current smartphone boom are the big gains in the number of mobile music consumers as well the increased appetite for music related apps. However, with more and more music fans turning to their mobile devices to listen to, learn about their favorite artists and share their experiences, it becomes increasingly important for app builders and developers to not only drive fan engagement but also to help fans find the information they are looking for via an elegant and simple user interface. It also means “mobile” as a distinct entity will become even more important for artists and their teams and will start to demand more expertise and partnerships.


Organizer: Shaun Eidson BandPage

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Title: Now & Next: Tech for Crossplatform Music Discovery

Description: Today more than ever, a myriad of old and new media platforms are available to help consumers dig through the clutter and discover new music and emerging artists at their fingertips, whenever and however they choose. This panel will discuss the platforms and technologies that enable these rich, niche, customized and consumer-oriented music discovery experiences available from big media, niche and start-up providers. The panel will also discuss what’s next from the technology and consumer-experience sides in music discovery.


Organizer: Jaimen Sfetko Text100

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Online Music Production Clinic with Berklee Music’s Stephen Webber tomorrow

Please join in tomorrow (Thursday, August 16th) at 4:00pm EDT* for a free online music production clinic with instructor Stephen Webber. 

Stephen is a Professor of Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music, and the author/instructor of Berkleemusic’s new online course, Music Production: From Pre-Production to Final Audio Master. He has three decades of industry experience as a record producer, engineer, session player, music director, recording artist, DJ, and studio designer.

During this 30-minute video clinic, Stephen will discuss some of the best practices and concepts he covers in his new course, and will answer a few questions from viewers at the end of the event. 

Registration is required to attend this event. 

Sign up at:

Hope to see you there!

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Artist of the Day: Twin Shadow - Confess

Twin Shadow’s new album ‘Confess’ has forced me to abandon my objectivity inside this blog and dive head first into writing about music I personally love. After going berserk for his first release ‘Forget’ (4AD Records - 2010), I wasn’t sure if I would be able to love the follow-up as much. Fortunately/Unfortunately, after several listens to ‘Confess’, I now have to trick myself into listening to anything else besides it these days.

Topspin Creative Services ran the ticketing campaign for the 'Ton-up Tour' which has kicked off recently and is currently cruising around the country. While on tour, fans can participate in a really cool contest the Twin Shadow team has cooked up. I learned of this when they sent their fan email via Topspin last week. Here are the details:


During each show of the North American Ton Up Tour, make sure you stop by the merch table. There will be a life-size Twin Shadow cut-out nearby. All you have to do is take a photo with the cut- out, upload it to the Twin Shadow Facebook page and don’t forget to tag yourself.

Each of four winners chosen will receive an exclusive Twin Shadow Jacket, as featured in the ‘Patient’ video. Be creative and have fun!

The response so far has been pretty amazing. Right off the bat, someone STOLE the cut-out, eliciting @TheTwinShadow's sense of humor before the cut-out was delivered back from the fan WITH a badass video for a song off ‘Confess’ featuring… the cut-out, of course. I also happen to think this fan photo submission is pretty hilarious, note the caption:

'Philosophizing over Bar Mitzvah drinks'

Finally, here is the full album stream so you can hear for yourself about why this 80’s kid (me) is so crazy for this music. Good luck with the contest, too!

Yours in music,

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Topspin + MTV = Artists.MTV

Hello from SXSW! We’re excited to announce a partnership and project Topspin has been working steadily on for a number of months: A deep partnership with MTV to connect Topspin’s platform for growing your fan base and making money to hundreds of millions of fans through MTV’s massive network on both television and online.

Artists.MTV is a new initiative that gives artists direct access to their MTV presence and empowers them to connect directly with MTV’s millions of fans. It starts with all-new artist pages that allow fans to discover new music, connect directly with artists, and then buy music, merch, tickets, and more. Musicians of all levels (not just famous ones) will be able to connect with an audience, get heard, promoted and paid. It’s open to every artist on the planet.

Artists.MTV will also give you, the artist, opportunities on MTV, VH1, and CMT — from video and audio views online to song placement in television shows for unsigned artists to even bigger opportunities across the network. Adding your content to these artist pages is now the way you opt-in for the programs on their massive network. How massive? There are 600 million plus viewers on television and more than 60 million online (they’re consistently in the top two most visited music sites on the Web). And Topspin’s tools to grow your fan base and make money will be baked right in. It’s the first time a major music outlet has given you control over YOUR presence on THEIR site and are allowing you to promote what you want, how you want, and benefit directly. If you’ve been following along with Topspin for the last four years you know building direct connections between artists and fans has been our mission the entire time — this is a major milestone in our work along this path.

Additionally, MTV is creating a special showcase to artists who make the best use of the Artists.MTV platform. Simply make your Artists.MTV page awesome (why not make it your home page? ;-) ) and they’ll keep an eye on how people are digging your music. If people are loving it, fans plus a combination of artists, producers and managers will select one artist to be featured on each of the MTV Music channels (MTV, VH1, or CMT). These artists will then be spotlighted across various screens and events, in interview segments and articles, even appearances on music programs like MTV2’s 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield or MTV Hive’s Weird Vibes.

Sounds good, yes. WHEN DOES IT LAUNCH? Artists.MTV is scheduled to launch in June 2012. There will be an “artists only” private beta beginning in May. If you’re a Topspin customer, you don’t have to do anything. You’re in, and in before anyone else. Stay tuned for early access. ;)

If you are an artist, manager, label, marketer, or similar in Austin for SXSW, mark your calendar and join us at Moonshine from noon to 2pm, Friday, March 16th, for an open Q&A on Artists.MTV and how you can take advantage of it.

WHEN: Friday, March 16th, noon - 2pm
WHERE: Moonshine Grill, 303 Red River, Austin, TX
WHAT: As much information as you’d like about Artists.MTV from Ian and Bob from Topspin and Shannon, Joe, Mark and others from MTV.

More soon!


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Artist of the Day: OK Go - Needing/Getting


OK Go is world famous for their complicated, elaborate videos. You may have seen their latest video featuring 288 guitars, 55 pianos, and 1,157 homemade instruments for their new song “Needing/Getting”, which premiered during the Super Bowl, courtesy of Chevy. I wasn’t familiar with OK Go’s music until last year when a good friend was DJ’ing with lead singer Damian Kulash at an Outside Lands Music Festival (San Francisco) after-party. Once I learned through his DJ’ing that he had great taste in music, I checked out the band. Fun dance tunes I’d been missing out on all along!

Their YouTube channel features a Topspin-integrated store tab where OK Go’s “Needing/Getting” offers are now available for purchase HERE. OK Go is also using our Email for Media widget to giveaway the track on their website, which runs on Wordpress. Using Wordpress means they can integrate their Topspin offers and widgets with our Official Topspin Plugin for their Store page ( In just a few clicks, they used this simple tool to build an extremely flexible store on top of their Wordpress site and setup tabs for different sections. You can actually pull a set of offers into a section automatically based on tags created in your Topspin Dashboard.

Check our Knowledge Base for all the nitty gritty details for each feature:
YouTube store integration
Customize E4M widgets
Create a Wordpress store
Streaming player

Topspin features: YouTube store integration; E4M; Wordpress store plugin; Streaming player

Installed by: Artist’s own digital team

Get Topspin:

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