Best Practices: Email Matters

Too often, direct-to-fan debates tend to focus on making money. And while that may be the goal, the path to it is through the artist-fan connection. 

That’s why one of the services we provide at Topspin is enabling artist-fan communication via email delivery. It’s a simple communication channel that a surprising number of artists ignore. Sending email updates to share details of activities with fans is a wonderful way to nurture the fan connection. 

Broadcasting news on social media puts it out to a more dilute audience. The Twitter stream moves fast and information can be lost in the flow.  Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t distribute updates to all followers. But if someone signs up for a newsletter, the email will be delivered. And according to WIRED, there’s a “newsletter resurgence” taking place, which reinforces this point.

But we can only provide the tools. It’s the artist who has to provide the words. And the artist voice is critical here, as it is in the entire direct-to-fan approach. Even one email a month will suffice. With a little consistency and a lot of authenticity, email open rates can improve dramatically. 

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