Free Music Friday: Charles Tillman & Star Jaguar

Charles Tillman

This week a culturally befitting track title has grabbed my heart. “Apple Blues” is not a spoof-country ballad for critics of the IOS 7 update or the new Apple 5C and 5S (though that might be fun). Rather, it is a simple poignant song that beyond having a great melody and a lo-fi/early KRS/Elliott Smith quality (which I love) it packs a huge emotional punch that hits us all where we live …on our phones.  Tillman cultivates the traditional folk/country “cry-in-your-beer” song motif and then authentically crafts it to fit our modern expression of lonliness, desperation, communication and love. 

Stream a live Charles Tillman show Saturday, December 28th 2 - 4 pm here:

Star Jaguar (Feat. Erin McKeown)

Though I could not find any information online about Star Jaguar (which makes me all the more curious) I did learn about Erin McKeown and I’m glad I did - she’s a great singer songwriter and an amazing guitar player that had not yet made it to my radar. I’m totally turned on by this track. The Cajun-lagoon style beat is terribly attractive - it’s driving and puts you in a trance. Would’ve made the most epic soundtrack to my old acid-at-Disneyland days - I picture riding the Jungle Cruise and fantasizing about peaceful revolution (patheticly that’s my go-to jungle experience). That being said, the danceable, electronic components of the song don’t diminish it’s deeper communications. Images of flood and slavery pass by while you’re still coasting slowly through the mangroves. All of it a bit foreign - as if the deep south is a whole seperate country to a Cali girl. Then the line, “and when we free our jailers - freedom will come” strikes that universal chord of love and forgiveness. I’ll be looking out for Star Jaguar - I’m officially intreagued and want more!  




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