Artist of the Day: The R5 Family

On February 19th R5 released their newest EP, titled LOUD, after coming off the heels of an extensive winter tour. This is definitely a young and rising band you want to keep your eye on. Listen to the single from the EP below.

From right to left: Ratliff, Ross, Rydel, Riker, Rocky

The band - 4 siblings and their best friend - has been on a tear ever since Ross Lynch landed the lead spot in the show “Austin & Ally.” And after all the work the band has put in to make their fans happy, it is well deserved. 

Happy may be an understatement. R5 fans LOVE the band and are very vocal about it too. During the winter tour R5 offered their fans special VIP experiences directly from VIP fans got in early, had an opportunity to meet the band personally, and were treated to an exclusive sound check party. Their fans loved this so much that even we at Topspin received some of the band’s fan mail.


Those who made it out to the show had an opportunity to pre-order the LOUD EP by purchasing a laminate. Each laminate had a unique code which fans would use to download the EP. Not only was this a great way to give fans something tangible for pre-ording the EP, these purchases were also reportable to Soundscan (via Topspin’s redemption codes).

This young band is demonstrating how modern acts will connect with their fans. From offering exclusive opportunities like R5 memberships and VIP experiences, to simply being in conversation on Twitter, R5 can truly call their fans part of the #r5family.

by @nic_hsc
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