Artist of the Day: Interpol In the Bright Lights Again, 10 Years Later

In 2002 Interpol released Turn On the Bright Lights. The debut album claimed the number one spot for album of the year in several publications, and in 2009 Pitchfork named the record 20th best of the decade. The record was a resounding success.


2012 marked the tenth anniversary of Turn On the Bright Lights. To commemorate the occasion, Interpol re-released a special edition of the album. The re-issue included never before released music as well as a little piece of the band’s history.  

“We spent a good deal of time this past year digging through our archives and asking others to dig through theirs in the hopes of uncovering some forgotten material.  The result of our hunting and gathering has yielded this Tenth Anniversary Edition of Turn On the Bright Lights.  We wanted to do something special for the fans who have always supported us.  We wanted to do something special for the best fans in the world,” said Daniel, Interpol’s guitarist. 

Daniel was very hands-on in running a cohesive campaign on Topspin for the band’s re-release. He scheduled blog posts, Facebook posts, and email blasts in order to maintain constant communication with fans. He oversaw the production of vinyl and CD products, offered them directly to fans through Interpol’s webpage, and integrated the offers in posts and emails that were sent out to fans. He was able to check inventory levels and request additional shipments to be sent to the warehouse. The direct-to-fan campaign for the re-issue was not only successful, it was a treat for the loyal fans that have followed Interpol for the past 10 years.


Interpol’s usage of Topspin demonstrated the strengths of the software platform, empowering artists to go direct to fan and run their own campaign. Whether you’re an artist who wants to go on tour, release a record, run a fan club, or do something that completely unique, Topspin can help you get there.

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