Artist of the Day: Fans Overcome Barbed Wire, Walls, And Rough Terrain To See Sigur Rós

A happy New Years to you! We hope that the start of your 2013 has been well. For your enjoyment this new year, here is a fun story about a Sigur Rós fan.


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When bands offer an incredibly compelling product, fans will go immense lengths to obtain it. For some, seeing the band live is even worth taking some legal and personal risks. 

Disclaimer: we do not condone trespassing and sneaking into shows. The following story is simply meant to illustrate the lengths that fans will go to for the sake of their favorite band. 

On the night August 12th Vanessa and her friend were walking around the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. In usual Sigur Rós fashion the show was sold out, so the two were there to watch a meteor shower and listen to the show from the outside. The concert had started and they were strolling along when Vanessa met a friend with some people she didn’t know. While she was (at the time) content with hearing the show from the outside these people were intent on getting in and were circling the venue, searching for a way to penetrate security. Deciding to tag along, the company veered into a small alley.


A tall red brick wall covered with vines was the only thing between them and Sigur Rós. That, and a spiraling coil of barbed wire resting atop the wall, whose vicious hooks dared to punish any delinquent who would chose to cross it. Clearing the wall would mean a once in a lifetime experience, but the consequences could be…painful.

“I kept second guessing myself,” Vanessa said. “Seeing Sigur Rós live was my number one thing to do. Then this heavyset guy was walking by and talking to himself and my friend was freaking out. I decided I was not going to let this weirdo stop me from going to the show.”

She scaled the wall with the help of a stranger and adrenaline. One of her arms got snagged in the hooks. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins while blood was pumping out of them, but she didn’t feel a thing. Freeing herself from the metal, she threw her left leg over the wall but subsequently entangled her right.

“I remember trying to get to the other side as fast as possible. I think I fell. I don’t know.”


On the other side of the wall they ran, through the trees and tombstones. Flashlights and guards were everywhere, invoking a chase scene similar to the one in the “Sound of Music.” Coincidently, it was the sound of music that had drawn them into the predicament. 

Vanessa described the concert as a hazy, almost ethereal experience, probably due to the effect of the music and substantial blood loss. But the music calmed her. It mesmerized her. It allowed her forget the pain she should have felt. Music of Sigur Rós and a dream finally coming true drowned out every other emotion. This experience was 100% worth the trouble she had endured to get there. Her dedication had paid off.

These days artists are depending on their super fans more and more as traditional consumer music sales decrease. The relationships between dedicated fans and the artists they support now play an increasingly important role in artists’ careers. Artists who can capitalize on the dedication and influence of fans like Vanessa will be incredibly successful. 

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