Artist of the Day: How to destroy angels goes direct with Topspin and a Reddit AMA

Yesterday was the official launch of An omen EP_, the latest effort of How to destroy angels. Topspin is privileged to share a positive campaign history with Trent Reznor's recent projects as he chose the Topspin platform for three of his previous campaign releases: The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and How to destroy angels’ first EP. Reznor’s extensive music industry knowledge has come to him very much by first hand experience. Whether it be by working with a label, going independent, or working through managerial complications, Trent’s understanding of the business has led him to go direct-to-fans using Topspin.

This is the second campaign How to destroy angels has delivered through Topspin and again it was a success, quickly selling out of the allotment of pre-order vinyl in the first two days. Trent and his team have a clear direction about how reach their fans, and in this campaign those who pre-ordered the record in vinyl got a second “secret” vinyl for free, courtesy of How to destroy angels. 

There were some complications with the idea however, as fans saw that they were being charged to ship more items than they thought they were receiving. Because of this, HTDA was forced to break the news that the surprise would no longer be a surprise. Though the secrecy of gift was ruined, the party was not, as the pre-order vinyl completely sold out and the record received very positive reviews.

Yesterday Trent went directly to fans on Reddit, getting them to ask him any question and answering many them. He was peppered with many inquiries, including, “Any plans for Nine Inch Nails? Why are labels evil? What is your favorite sandwich?  Does Rob Sheridan play any instruments, if not why does he get musical responsibilities?” Below a few of his responses to the questions:

Topspin works incredibly well for these kinds of artists: artists who want to take ownership of their art and carry out its execution from start to finish. The direct-to-fan model ensures artists’ visions for their products are what ultimately end up in the hands of their fans.


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