Artist of the Day: Soundgarden and King Animal.

After 15 years, Soundgarden has finally released their new record today. This is the first album the band has released since their hiatus and has been received very favorably, garnering positive reviews left and right.

The highly anticipated record and reunion had fans buzzing with excitement, whetting their appetite for Soundgarden’s music once again. Soundgarden wanted to give their fans a chance to experience something special and because of this their team chose Topspin as the platform to launch the pre-preorder of King Animal, the band’s sixth full-length studio album. 

One of the special items in this pre-order included a collection of 5 lithographs. Each of the lithographs portrayed a different band member, so you can keep them together even the band splits up. 

It’s been 15 years and Soundgarden themselves have subtly admitted that their hiatus has been far for too long, making the track “Been Away Too Long” available for instant download. Though the band has taken much time apart, it seems that the time has had no negative affect on their music. They have come back incredibly strong, releasing a fantastic album in King Animal and doing their pre-release campaign through Topspin. 


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